My Child has a Disability and We Need Social Security

benefits4kidsBenefits4Kids provides information about applying for Social Security Benefits (including Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid) for parents of children who have long-term or permanent disabilities. Visit us on Facebook!

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Last Updated: 11/9/2016

What is…? Applying
What is Social Security?
What is Medicaid?
What is SSI?
Does My Child Have a Qualifying Disability?
Where Do I Go to Learn More or Apply?
Denied. Now What?
Important Links.

The links and information were compiled in April, 2014, and will not be routinely updated, so please be sure to check the government websites linked for the most up-to-date information.  If you find any changes or dead links, please feel free to report them using the Contact Form.

Please keep in mind that 60-70% of initial Social Security claims are rejected, and the process of obtaining benefits is likely to be a long journey.  Once the Disability Determination Services deny your initial claim, you will have the option to appeal the decision.

Important Links

Some important and useful websites you should be aware of (many of them will be repeated throughout the pages):

All of the links under “Important Links” in the various pages are compiled in the page titled Important Links.  There are also extra resources listed in the I Need More Help! page.