Benefits4Kids” was created as a master’s project for an M.Ed. degree in Special Education at University of Maryland by Hiroko Nishimura in April, 2014.  I hope this website will be especially informative for parents with children who have been suddenly hit with the financial and emotional demands of caring for children with severe disabilities due to events such as accidents and strokes.

This resource website is part of Burgundy for Life.

This website compiles webpage and resource links and information from the Official Social Security Website for easier access for parents and caregivers.

You can bookmark or link this website at http://benefits4kids.com.

“Benefits4Kids” exists for informational purposes only, and does not provide legal or official advice. Please consult your local Social Security Office representatives or lawyers for legal or official advice.

The information was compiled on April, 2014, and may not be completely up to date.  Please always make sure to read the webpages sourced to get the most up-to-date information.


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